Recommended Practices During Diversion and Passenger Recovery in Russia

Diversion Decision

  • Always notify GAC ASAP and provide all relevant
    information - time is of the essence
  • Ability for aircraft to continue to a larger
    and more suitable airport
  • Airport Certification and types of aircraft serviced:
    • Lack of specific equipment such as tow bar
    • Absence of certified maintenance personnel
    • Delay in service (30-40 min)
    • May request aircraft maintenance schematics
  • Risk involved in a sick passenger diversion:
    • Medical Advise Services
    • Cold weather conditions
    • Delay of services related to aircraft type
    • Crew time limitation
    • Luggage offload
    • Multiple family members
    • Distance to medical facilities
  • Every emergency situation is unique
  • Diversion into smaller airport

Diversion Challenges
Possible Challenges To Overcome

  • It takes time to make arrangements for ground handling
    and passenger services
  • Communicating situation and plans to the stranded passengers and
  • Respond to the passengers
  • Small terminal transfer area and small catering
    facility – depending on the airport
  • Servicing aircraft in cold weather conditions
  • Servicing aircraft type GH is not familiar with
  • Absence of certified maintenance personnel
  • Possible problems with CIQ
  • Delay in rescue flight planning
  • Decision making to send passengers to the hotel
  • Elderly, infant, and special needs passengers
  • First class and VIP passengers
  • Language barrier
  • Crew time restrictions
  • Spare parts delivery
  • Need for a mobile crane, other heavy equipment

Recommendations Highlights
Recommended Practices:

One person/department from the IOC Crisis Control Center to coordinate

Passenger communication (number one complaint) and social media

Designated crew member(s) to update passengers

Setup a dedicated email address and copy to all relevant departments

Timely communication and coordination of plans between the airline and GAC

Arrange rescue flight as soon as possible (extra crew)

Patience is a virtue

Rescue flight planning:

Rescue flight coordination (and status updates) with GAC

All crew, maintenance, and other personnel must be included in the general declaration

Maintenance–include all maintenance personnel and tools (tow bar)

Aircraft type–depends on airport facilities