Law compliance

Global Aviation Consulting LLC Code of Ethics
& Compliance Program

Global Aviation Consulting LLC strives to maintain a code of business ethics, law compliance, and transparency of operations.

Our business relationships must be built on trust, integrity and objectivity. Giving or accepting gifts or anything of value, can create the appearance of impropriety or favorable treatment with any government or other official. We engage in extreme caution to avoid the appearance of special treatment.

Therefore, we avoid accepting or giving improper business courtesies.

GAC operates in strict compliance with the US foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development Convention (OECD), and other international and local anti-bribery laws.

Please visit these link to become familiar with the aforementioned laws:

The FCPA prohibits GAC or any of its contractors or third party service providers from bribing any public official, government or individual – notwithstanding nationality or local custom – to acquire any concession, contract, service, or favorable treatment for GAC.

Bribes, kickbacks, or other improper payments are prohibited because they are illegal and would subject the company to civil and criminal penalties. We do not offer anything of value (e.g., gifts, entertainment, travel), directly or indirectly, to any government official, department, state enterprise, or agency. We also do not contribute company funds to political parties or candidates for office or seek reimbursement of individual contributions.

GAC's commitment to doing business ethically and legally is the foundation for the company’s culture. This commitment is further manifested in GAC’s Ethics & Compliance program, which is managed by our external legal counselor.

GAC's Ethics & Compliance program is designed to (i) foster the highest ethical standards and a commitment to compliance with the law and policy, (ii) prevent, detect, report and address any allegation of misconduct, and (iii) comply with all applicable laws and standards. The program extends to cover not just GAC, but also those who work on GAC’s behalf as contractors and any other third parties service providers.

Please review Global Aviation Consulting LLC policy of compliance
with the U.S. foreign corrupt practices act here.