Global Aviation Consulting offers the following services:

Diversion planning and support

Proven, trusted, and reliable partner for all your ETOPS and LROPS diversion needs.

ETOPS, Extended Operations, destination and en-route alternate airports evaluation and support

Diversion planning assistance and comprehensive informational database of alternate airports

Proprietary software reporting system to monitor alternate airport NOTAMS and distribute diversion airport availability as your flight planning occurs

24/7/365 stand by diversion dispatcher available to take your call and handle diversion

Diversion coordination with operator’s OCC and customer service, airport ground handling, and the Civil Aviation Authority

Comprehensive on-the-ground support at the alternate airport during any diversion

All services provided on a credit basis to established clients

Many of the world’s largest international airlines rely on our diversion support services every day for an added level of flexibility and safety on such routes as: Cross Polar, Russian Far East, Trans-Siberian, Trans-Asian, Asian.

Because GAC has built an excellent reputation over many years, we are able to provide outstanding service through our relationships when it comes to local customs, regulations, procedures, and paperwork. GAC is the leader in Diversion Planning and Support Services and our exceptional reputation allows us to provide the best service to our clients.

Flight operations and dispatch support

Professional, fast, around the clock assistance for regularly-scheduled, single-passenger or cargo flights

Assistance in preparation, submission, and follow up on overfly requests and messages

Notification and fast resolution of critical and urgent operational problems related to FPL, route planning, NOTAMs, flight delays, communication problems, and re-dispatch/re-route

Coordination for any irregular flight operations

GAC's services are available 24/7 for any question or problem that is small or large to ensure your flight operates on time in a safe and coordinated environment.

Charter support services
commercial and ferry flights

We offer comprehensive commercial and ferry flight support. Our customers trust our ability to provide quality and stress-free solutions.

We are part of the worldwide global network of charter flights handling agents and partners, and we can help you with your needs and assist your operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our global network of fuel suppliers ensures competitive fuel prices and an uninterrupted supply that can be confirmed even on very short notice for urgent flights.

We can ensure the availability of jet fuel, reliable ground service, crew support, and passenger services for charter flights worldwide.

Flight support for charter, commercial and ferry flights

Complete charter flight support program for your scheduled charter ops at any airport in any country

Flight planning assistance, overfly permits, and landing slot coordination

Ground handling – all aircraft types

Fuel and credit for established clients

Crew assistance

VIP and business lounges



Transfer of crew and passengers

We have years of experience in making arrangements for commercial and ferry charter flights.

Geographic Areas of service specialization